What is TFP / TFCD?

Time for Print (TFP) and Time for CD (TFCD) are convenient arrangements where a model poses for a photographer and the photographer shares the photos made in that session with with mdel either as prints (TFP) or on a CD (TFCD). Its a format that suits equally-mature artists, especially for new photographers and models, because both can benefit from such shoots and add to their respective portfolios. Usually, no money is traded in such shoots but a contract is signed. For the sake of convenience, TFP/TFCD is usually written as TF*. The photographer and the model decide the format and timelines of delivery of photographs.

Sandeep’s TFP/TFCD shoots

I am currently expanding my portraits portfolio and am looking for fresh faces to put diversity in it. To make such shoots mutually beneficial, my TF* shoots give half the time to the ideas for the model. The ideas are usually brainstormed in advance so that both are prepared on the day of the shoot. Most of my portfolio is from such shoots.

If you like my work and feel that a shoot with me can cadd to your portfolio, then use the Contact link.