Basilica of Saint Nicolas, Amsterdam

The Basilica of Saint Nicholas (DutchSint-Nicolaasbasiliek) is located in the Old Centre district of AmsterdamNetherlands. It is the city’s major Catholic church.

Officially the church was called St. Nicholas inside the Walls, i.e. the oldest part of the Amsterdam defence works. The basilica has a collection of religious murals.

In the 125th year of its existence, St Nicholas’ Church elevated to “basilica minor” or basilica. That happened on 8 December 2012.

HDR shot with Canon 5D II with 35mm f/2.0


A walk in Amsterdam with FujiFilm X-100

Last week I went out with a good friend of mine for dinner in the city. At the end of that lovely dinner, we decided to digest the food by walking back to Amsterdam Centraal train station instead of taking the tram. On the way back I took out my trusted Fujifilm X-100 and shot a few photos of the city. My friend pointed out some great buildings and other places I could shot that day.

Here are some photos of the same

Police Station Amsterdam Amstelland
Nice building to have a police station

A lovely building with striking red windows

A lovely building with striking red windows

Cooks at a local Thai restaurant taking a smoke break

Cooks at a local Thai restaurant taking a smoke break
The line of hotels
This street houses souvenir shops below and small hotels on the top

Strobist: Amazing control over specular highlights

In a recent post on his blog, Strobist David Hobby explains in his usually detailed and precise way on how he got a great portrait of a dark skinned person using specular highlights.

The amazing details he gives reiterate the fact that for a light colored Caucasian skin needs diffused highlights while a darker skin needs more specular highlights.

His post here explains how he got the perfect balance of exposure on this lady with a dark skin, who was wearing a white shirt and was exposed against a white background.

Image of Radiance by David Hobby
Image of Radiance by David Hobby